Great Steeping Primary School

School Council

school councilThe School Council is a group of children, two or three from each class, who have a meeting every few weeks. Children tell us their ideas of how to improve the school.  We always listen to them and pass it on to the meetings.

The School Council have been trying to improve the school. We brought the quiet area so that the children had a place to sit quietly or read a book; we are putting signs up and planting flowers and plants all round the quiet area.

These are the targets that we want to achieve by the end of the year:

  • Improve and manage our playground. To do this we are thinking to put some chalk boards up in the playground, so that children can draw. We are also thinking to have playground monitors to watch the children at playtime.
  • Improve school resources. We are having a non uniform day. We are raising money for the school to help improve the quiet area and the playground.

We are also thinking to have a box which the children can write ideas and put in the box. We will open the box and look at the ideas in the meetings.

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