Great Steeping Primary School

Rowan class homework tasks

Rowan Tree Class homework tasks 
Handed out Friday 23rd February

Due in by Wednesday 28th February, 

Maths homework

Y6 - Reasoning paper 

All other groups -  Substitution (algebra). There are 4 sections and it gets harder as it goes along. By the end it is quite tricky! Cubes should aim to complete the first section, spheres up to the second, prisms into the third section and tetrahedrons as far an you can. Remember to use BIDMAS in multi-stage questions.

Ext - set some similar questions of your own and solve them.

English homework

Reading comprehension - biography and autobiography about Evelyn Glennie. Answer the questions in the booklet. Mrs Taylor's group can just answer the questions about the biography if they wish.

 Any problems, come and ask us - that is what we are here for.