Great Steeping Primary School


Our topic for terms five and six in Birch Class is Money!

The topic will allow us to explore conversion, calculation and problem solving using money in our maths lessons (alongside other curriculum coverage) as well as different ways of counting and different bases.

Our literacy will focus heavily on constructing non-chronological reports (the sort of writing we find in information text books) and much of our topic work will be presented in this format.

We will look at the history of money - how we have moved form a simple system of barter through to the modern internet banking and virtual coinage. We will look at concepts of stocks and shares, how banks developed and trading.

Coin rubbings will be used to develop our artwork and design and technology and we will design our own coins and banknotes.

In PSHE and RE we will look at Rich and Poor, the importance of charity and the dangers of greed.

In addition we will discuss some of the practical applications of money and finance in our everyday adult lives - including wages, bank accounts, overdrafts and credit cards. How to be careful with money and the potential dangers of internet security.

If any of you have nay foreign coins (that are not valuable) we would be really grateful if you could let the children borrow them for this project.