Great Steeping Primary School


                          Bunnies               vs                  Chicks

Saturday 31st March - Chicks 758     Bunnies 849

Tuesday 3rd April -      Chicks 339     Bunnies 842

Thursday 5th April  -    Chicks 278     Bunnies 2043

Bravo Bunnies, Come on Chicks!

Sunday  8th April   -     Chicks 567   Bunnies 3125

Wednesday 11th April  -  Chicks 724   Bunnies 495

You did it Chicks!


Friday 13th April   - Chicks 1456      Bunnies  526

The Chicks did it again! Can the Bunnies bounce back?

Well done to everyone who has been taking part.

Last battles now scheduled for  Sunday 15th April. 

The Bands can play in any game type and at the end, the Band with the most correct answers will be the winner.

When the Bands finish a Battle, they need to be rested for 24 hours before being able to take part in another Battle. This won't stop you from working in the Studio or Garage.

Keep checking back here to see if I post any results or new battles.

Good luck.