Great Steeping Primary School

Sports Funding

The Government is providing funding for primary school physical education and school sport.  It has been given directly to head teachers to spend on improving the quality of PE and sports provision.  Ofsted will increase the monitoring of Physical Education as a result of this increased funding.  

 Sports Premium funding 2016-17

During the academic year we had a coaching company provide sports coaching for EYFS and KS1 children on a weekly basis for the full year.  The children had the same coach throughout the year which gave strong continuity, progress and relationships.  Some of the children competed in an athletics competition, Year 1 and 2 children attended a dance development day.

KS2 children had weekly coaching for five terms through a local secondary school; there were CPD days for PE subject leaders regarding safety legislation, assessment and PE progression.  There was a strong competition calendar which ensured the children had the opportunity to compete at level 1, 2 and 3.  We took part in football, netball, dodgeball, cricket, cross country, athletics and indoor rowing.

All children take part in 5 a day sessions in a class setting and a whole school setting.  KS2 children have the opportunity to take part in a sponsored run whilst the rest of the school completes a sponsored walk in May. Young leaders from a local grammar school and many parents supported the children on the run. The money raised is shared between school trips and a charity. 

Our coach from KS1 ran our competitive sports day in the summer ensuring fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Within the school timetable, class teachers include other PE times to ensure the children meet the legislation.  Year 5 & 6 have the opportunity to access an after school Taekwondo club led by a qualified instructor which encourages teamwork, body confidence and gradings.

All children go swimming throughout the year, KS2 children for two terms and EYFS/KS1 for one term.

We advocate a healthy lifestyle throughout the day with fruit at playtimes, healthy lunchtimes via our hot meals provider and clubs such as cookery, sports and walking club.  Children are encouraged to share with the school through celebration assembly and in class their achievements out of school such as dancing, swimming and martial arts.


EYFS Assessment data

17 children in total

Age Appropriate

Physical development


Communication & language


Personal, Social and Emotional



Age Appropriate in PSED (1)

Pupil Premium

100% (1)

AA in PSED (1)

Year 1 – Year 6 Sports Assessment data


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6































AA in C&H


67% (3)

AA except personal (1)

75% (4)



Pupil Premium

66% (3)

50% (2)

50% (4)

66% (3)



Sports Club participation (school): KS2 sports clubs had 68% attendance throughout the year.

KS2 Sporting competitions and Development days : 72% of children participated.


To ensure quality first teaching and assessment from school and coaching company.

To develop strong professional dialogue between company and school to ensure rigorous lessons and assessment throughout the year.


With the increase of funding this year we are utilising this by:

Whole school coaching by the same individual to ensure a cohesive approach, shared lesson plans, objectives and assessments. 

A lunchtime club for EYFS/KS1 children and an after school club for KS2 children.   The coaching company quality assures their staff with the Head of the school each year.

An audit of school equipment to ensure safety and full access for children.

A healthy lifestyle approach for KS2 children with fitness baselines, advice and reflections plus input from coaching company (6 week block) 

EYFS children have a morning a term with JB Bear on his adventure books that include physical activity.  This will be a physical literacy lesson for them.  Bikeability lessons with coaching company and the purchase of balance bikes via Trustees and Sports premium.

Whole school and class access to 5 a day TV to ensure we meet the half hour active time in school.

Gonoodle website being accessed by KS1 as a different route than 5 a day.

Running club for KS2 children including training for the sponsored run. 

Access to competitions through the coaching company and any other local offers.  

Visits to local supermarkets for healthy eating workshops. 

All children will have swimming lessons.

We have purchased a consultancy package to ensure quality CPD, compliance and quality assuring the coaching in school.  This consultancy is for the individual school as a part of the collaboration.

A user friendly assessment package that is used by our coach and staff in school.


To ensure that all four areas of assessment are weighted equally throughout the lessons and assessments therefore raising the percentage of children achieving age appropriate in personal and cognitive.

To ensure a whole school ethos and approach to health and happiness at Great Steeping School.